Clotext Textile was founded in 2017 by Nurettin Bereket in Bursa, Turkey, with the goal of being the top textile manufacturer in the region and exporting our materials all over the world. Our facilities are constructed employing cutting-edge technology and we are a one-of-a-kind cloth manufacturer with state-of-the-art facilities. Our threads are crafted from the highest quality cotton available. We have a century of expertise in the textile industry, which was our grandfather’s profession.

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(+90) 224 363 36 66 info@clotex.com.tr
EGYPT – Cairo
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What we do

We are currently manufacturing natural cotton and polycotton winter and summer clothes fabrics for man and women. Our materials are colored with non-toxic materials for humans. We are carefully selecting our cur colors and completing orders for the day. We are inspecting our fabrics with great attention and precision so that we can produce excellent products. We are producing the World Class Shirt Fabrics products with our skilled staffs available to meet the needs of our clients and we pay attention to even the tiniest things.

What are our goals?

To be one of the leading and important companies in manufacturing luxury fabrics with high value and with the international standards for the shirt fabric industry; in addition, we want to be among the first companies that respect their responsibilities towards clients and nature alike, striving to achieve customer satisfaction and provide the best that can be offered in this field.

We strive to be the first brand that comes to mind through quality, accuracy and modern production that keeps pace with the developments of the textile industry.

Where We’re Located ?

Our major production facility is in Bursa, and our main sales office is in Istanbul. We ship our product to numerous countries from these cities. We are currently looking to extend our offices outside of Turkey. Clotex Textile is currently establishing operations in Uzbekistan and Egypt.